Postdoctoral Researcher Position-Mexican Exposures: The Bioethnograhy of Everyday Life in Mexico City

Dear Colleagues and Friends, 

I am looking for a new post-doc for my ongoing project:  Mexican Exposures: The Bioethnograhy of Everyday Life in Mexico City, starting sometime this summer. 

The position is full time and will last for at least a year (probably renewable).  The work involves a mix of 1) logistical effort– ethnographic lab management, grant management etc., and 2) conceptual effort – working with me as part of an experimental collaboration with environmental health scientists and environmental engineers as we build a bioethnographic research platform focused on everyday life in Mexico City.   

Spanish is almost a must – although if they were terrific in other ways I could be flexible about that.  The post-doc could have a PhD in a wide variety of fields - anthropology, STS, feminist theory, environmental studies, ecology, social epidemiology, data science, history etc. Knowledge of Latin America, genetics, epigenetics, epidemiology, and toxicology are all pluses.  Unphased by quantification or data management a big plus.  Detail oriented a plus. Reliability and social skills a must – this is intensely collaborative work. 

There are ample opportunities for the post-doc to take parts of the project in their own direction, as well as time for their own work.  My current post-doc had time for writing articles and successfully applying for tenure track jobs (which is why I need a new post-doc).  

The post-doc needs to be in residence in Ann Arbor.  The unfortunate reality at this point, is that I don’t have the resources to help with complicated visa issues – uncomplicated ones might work, although as you know, this is getting more difficult by the day.   

Word of mouth usually works best on these occasions so if anyone comes to mind please send them my way – 

Cheers and thank you, 

Elizabeth F.S. Roberts
Associate Professor, University of Michigan
Department of Anthropology