Symbioses is an interdisciplinary research network that connects life scientists, social scientists, and humanities scholars working at the nexus of biology and social life. 


Our Mission

The Symbioses Biosocial Research Network is a professional network of life science, social science, and humanities scholars who are interested in developing cross-disciplinary paradigms and methods to illuminate the mutual interaction of biology and social life in shaping human development, health and disease, and social inequalities. By exchanging scholarship and resources, we strive to support new biosocial collaborations and investigations.

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Our Resources

Share Your Resources: The Symbioses Biosocial Research Network only exists and thrives to the extent that network members contribute publications, multimedia resources, syllabi, teaching tools, news and events, and potential funding sources to share with each other.  Please upload relevant materials and announcements as often as you can.  Thank you for your participation.

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Symbioses: A Biosocial Research Network is currently taking shape.  We hope to open up and expand membership in the coming months.  If interested in joining, please leave your email in the box to the right and we will contact you with details on membership soon

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